Couple doing christmas shopping and carrying shopping bags

The Oakham Christmas Festival

Oakham Town Partnership organises an evening Christmas Market event in Oakham Town centre in early December and has done for the last few years. The event includes street entertainers, market stalls, fun fair etc. and attracts thousands of local residents and visitors. Over the last few years the Partnership has employed an event’s organiser to organise the Market on its behalf.

Date of Event

Monday 7th December 2015. Event to start at 5.00pm; finish around 9.00pm subject to weather.

Free car parking from 3 pm onwards

The streets will be closed from 2 pm until 11 pm for loading and unloading.

Place – Oakham

1. High Street – from junction with Mill Street/Burley Road to 100 metres passed Gaol Street.

2. Market Place, Gaol Street and part of Church Street. Mill Street.